Cavensite Matrix

Cavensite Matrix
 Cavensite MatrixCavensite Matrix 
Cavensite Matrix
Healing properties of Cavensite:
Cavensite is associated with the Throat Chakra. It brings softness, joy and healing of grief. It is a stone of comfort. If used with Rose Quartz it can enhance your psychic capabilities. Very helpful in raising your own energy vibration when doing any type of energy work(dream work, meditation, healing, channeling), so that the energy flows freely and to where it is meant to go.

Magical crystal meanings of Cavensite:

Cavensite works on healing the body, good for migraines, helps to heal the eyes, throat, kidneys and bladder.

The natural formations weigh around 10g-16g each, measuring:

  • 35-40mm Long
  • 20-30mm Wide
  • 20-35mm High
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Crystal:  Cavensite

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