Dali Rainbow Jasper Wand/Points Gemstone Crystal Mineral

Dali Rainbow Jasper Wand/Points Gemstone Crystal Mineral
Actual Item: 69.5g Dali Jasper WandActual Item: 122.4g Dali Jasper WandActual Item: 130.6g Dali Jasper WandActual Item: 147.4g Dali Jasper Wand
Actual Item: 149.6g Dali Jasper WandActual Item: 156g Dali Jasper WandActual Item: 158g Dali Jasper Wand
Dali Rainbow Jasper Wand/Points
Healing properties of Dali Rainbow Jasper
Dali Rainbow Jasper also called Fancy Jasper or Multi-colored Jasper, is a steady wholesome healer, resonating with all the chakras to bring balance to the physical body, and focus to the mind and intellect. It tempers procrastination and helps organize an overactive mind into more linear thought, preventing one from getting caught up in worry over the past or future, and inspiring one to work through issues of the present. It is also ideal for rejuvenating one’s creative power and refining mental processes in order to work through intricate thoughts, ideas or puzzles.
All images are of the actual wand/point you will receive. 
  • All wands have the weight in the product listing.
  • From 69g to 158g
  • 75mm  to 115mm Long
  • 25mm to 30mm Wide

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Crystal:  Jasper