Dendritic Tree Agate Sphere 173g

Dendritic Tree Agate Sphere 173g
 Dendritic Tree Agate Sphere 173gDendritic Tree Agate Sphere 173g 
Dendritic Tree Agate Sphere 173g
Healing properties of Tree Agate
Resonating with the heart chakra, Tree Agate strengthens relationships and promotes composure. Tree Agate is said to boost the immune system and balance water within the body as well as calming the nervous system.

Magical crystal meanings of Tree Agate

Dendritic Tree Agate is seen to have a deep connection with nature, as a stone of plenitude. Ancient civilisations would bury the stone in agricultural land for plentiful harvests. Tree Agate brings a sense of peace and serenity to it's wearer, aiding deep meditation to shut out the chaos and noise in your surroundings.  

This stunning sphere measures:

  • 50mm Dia
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Crystal:  Agate

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