Lemon Yellow Calcite Sphere 121g

Lemon Yellow Calcite Sphere 121g
 Lemon Yellow Calcite Sphere 121gLemon Yellow Calcite Sphere 121g 
Lemon Yellow Calcite Sphere 121g
Healing properties of Lemon Calcite:
Lemon Calcite is associated with the Sacral Chakras. Lemon Calcite is full of positive energy and purifies negative energy.  A great stone for self-confidence and increasing politeness and kindness towards self and others.  Also very useful for preparing and visualising your future and hope.

Magical crystal meanings of Lemon Calcite:

Lemon Calcite is beneficial to fight viruses, conditions of the joints and visual disturbances.

This lovely sphere measures:

  • 46mm Dia
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Crystal:  Calcite

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