Natural Black Obsidian Carved Wolf Fang

Natural Black Obsidian Carved Wolf Fang
 Natural Black Obsidian Carved Wolf FangNatural Black Obsidian Carved Wolf Fang 
Black Obsidian Carved Wolf Fang Pendants
These excellent Obsidian carvings have lots of detail, including a hole between the teeth enabling them to be strung as a pendant.
Healing properties of Black Obsidian 
Connected to the root chakra, Black Obsidian is a deeply protecting and grounding stone.  The stone for dealing with grief and loss. Offering powerful protection against negativity. Aids the digestive system, detoxification and reduce arthritis.

Magical crystal meanings of Black Obsidian

Used in rituals to protect against negative energy. Black Obsidian is also nicknamed the wizard stone and is often used in scrying.

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  • 59mm Long
  • 13mm Wide
  • 11mm Thick
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Crystal:  Obsidian

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