Natural Zebra Jasper Pyramid 149g

Natural Zebra Jasper Pyramid 149g
 Natural Zebra Jasper Pyramid 149gNatural Zebra Jasper Pyramid 149g 
Black Zebra Jasper Pyramid 149
Healing properties of Zebra Jasper. 
Zebra Jasper brings balance into our lives. It helps us to see through illusion and get to grips with our problems and help to lead our problems and to motivate us to put our ideas into action. It helps us to see both sides of a situation give us courage and stamina. Physically it helps kidney and bladder problems; it improves skin allergy and infection and diseases and it is also useful for bones, teeth and muscle relaxation and body pain. Zebra Jasper helpful to focus your intentions in difficult situations.
Magical crystal meanings of Zebra Jasper.

Zebra Jasper can show us our true natures and help us see past illusion. Zebra Jasper is very motivative for health and mental care and useful to keep in mind when working with zebra jasper stone is that the energy.  Zebra stone is connected to energy and love in the universe. It can be helpful in relationships, work place, and another social environment. It is very effective for stresses and mental illness and it can give infinite energy for our health in all moments. Zebra Jasper is very helpful in overcoming depression or anxiety.

The pictures are of the actual crystal

  • 55mm Height
  • 50mm Width
  • 50mm Depth


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Crystal:  Jasper

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