Pistachio Green Calcite Sphere 135g

Pistachio Green Calcite Sphere 135g
 Pistachio Green Calcite Sphere 135gPistachio Green Calcite Sphere 135g 
Pistachio Green Calcite Sphere 135g
Healing properties of Pistachio Calcite
Resonating with the Heart Chakra to provide emotional balance. Promotes physical healing through encouragement of rest and relaxation, Excellent immune system stimulant for bone, ligament and joint issues.

Magical crystal meanings of Pistachio Green Calcite

Pistachio Green Calcite is known as a "growth crystal" for development, creation and natural renewal - said to be excellent for gardeners. A great accompaniment to manifestation processes and to aid success. 

This lovely sphere measures:

  • 46mm Dia
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Crystal:  Calcite

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