Raw Unpolished Amber Slab 61g

Raw Unpolished Amber Slab 61g
 Raw Unpolished Amber Slab 61gRaw Unpolished Amber Slab 61g 

Raw Unpolished Amber slab

Warm to the touch and light in weight, beautiful amber is one of the most amazing byproducts of nature. Neither crystal nor mineral but bares many healing properties.

A natural purifier, able to draw pain and disease physically, mentally and spiritually from the body, absorbing negative energy and transforming it into clear, positive energy.  Excellent as a protective stone for children not just for teething pain but to ward off negative energies and shield from harm, more effective if the mother wears it first!

Wear or carry amber when recovering from injury or illness to increase vitality, relieving anxiety, promoting lasting love and natural radiance. Use around the home to dispel negativity from outside influences.

All pictures are of the piece you will receive
  • 61g
  • 115mm Wide
  • 30mm High
  • 40mm Depth


Our Price:  £15.00

Crystal:  Amber

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