Serpentine Egg 336g

Serpentine Egg 336g
 Serpentine Egg 336gSerpentine Egg 336g 
Serpentine Egg 336g
Serpentine stimulates the Crown Chakra, opening your psychic abilities.  
Use serpentine to pull positivity into your life, as well as protection, money and love.
One of the most historically used stones for protecting against bad luck and malicious behaviour.  It is excellent for developing your inner peace that makes you untouchable by negative energy, increasing personal strength and serenity. 

Use serpentine to treat diabetes. It is also extremely effective against parasites within the body.  Cleansing for both body and blood, aids the absorption of calcium and magnesium. 

This lovely egg measures:

  • 78mm Height
  • 60mm Wide
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Crystal:  Serpentine

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